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If you book our workshops frequently you could simplify the bookingprocess. So formular fields will be filled automatically with the information you provided in your userdata and you only need to choose the desired dates. Further you can choose if you want to receive the confirmation emails in text- or html-format.

Furtheron you will have access to more articles, essays and downloads under the menu "Publications".

To change your userdata you must be logged in first. If you are logged in you'll find a menu „Menu User” on the homepage. Click on „Userdata”. Now you can change your data.

If you don't want to change your password but other data, you can leave the passwordfields blank.

On your first visit our server detects your preferred language from your browser settings. If your browser is configured to prefer one of our supported languages this language will be choosed.

If you manually switch to another language your choice will be saved in a so called "cookie".

On your next visit your prefered language will be choosen as default.

The configuration of the preferred languages works more or less the same in every browser.
In the Internet-Explorer for example it works like this:

  1. Choose menu "Extras"
  2. Choose submenu "Internetoptions"
  3. In this dialog click button "languages"
  4. In the following dialog you can add, delete and priorize your preferred languages

This website should work with all current browsers. The website is tested with Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 2.0. Javascript has to be activated and session-cookies should be allowed.

If you have problems with this website please install a current browser. The current Firefox (recommended) is available here.